I paint as an emotional counterbalance to political and social topics thereby providing an interlude from the exigencies of life. It is not a naive perspective, but is based on the realization that in our vigilant focus on perfecting what is wrong with our world, we frequently fail to notice those small, inconsequential things that appear to inspire nothing, and yet possess intrinsic, simple beauty.  


Each blank canvas or reclaimed piece of paper allows me to expressively explore the energy and exuberance of colour and marks as a way to record, without literal references, the thoughts, impressions, and memories of a singular day or place in time. I aim to capture those overlooked modest moments of beauty, unearthed in the imperfect and the unexpected, which illuminate our humanity and in particular our ability to feel, empathize, and connect with each other.

Utilizing both intentional and spontaneous layers of mixed media such as acrylic, ink, graphite, oil pastels and sometimes hand stitched thread, I create each painting without figurative forms. The abstract imagery allows viewers to interact and connect with each piece in solitary exploration of the surface. It gives them the opportunity to shift their thoughts from the daily barrage of negativity, to appreciating the beauty in each day waiting to be uncovered and to find value and contentment in what may at first seem inconsequential but upon discovery is essential to human life.