Surrounded by a society enthralled with high speed technology and quantity over quality production goals, I frequently employ slow techniques that compel me to savor the process of creating; from the exhilaration of selecting colours and mediums to the rhythmic lullaby of stitching by hand.  It is through this slow reordering of materials that I am able to contemplate and expand my ideas for each work. Layers of new meaning are often revealed with each unhurried step and deliberate stitch.


For the past number of years the focus of my work has been to capture urban life through the perspective of treasured but fading memories. In a seven year period of time our family, moved seven times. I carry with me those parting shots of cherished or often under appreciated places disappearing on the horizon through the rear window of our car. 

For all of us, over time, palpable details of life events and places lived grow dim and fade. Persistently grappling in the mist of our memory, our hearts long to reminisce and keep possession of even the smallest thread of sentiment and detail.

My current abstract series, “Limitless Beauty of Imperfection”, expressively marks my mental journey of time and place. These pieces have allowed me to work with an unabashed freedom and exploration of figure/ground relationships while expressing the thoughts, emotions, impressions, and memories of a singular day or place in time.